Friday, April 17, 2009

This Twitter Phenomenon is gettig out of hand!

For all of you that are twitter fanatics, this story is bound to get your attention. If you watch CNN, I’m sure you have already heard Ashton Kutcher Challenge CNN the other day. Kutcher said that he would reach to 1,000,000 Twitter followers before CNN would. And Kutcher made the mark at 2 AM today. Then right after CNN made the mark. Isn’t that a funny story? That’s why I say that this twitter thing is getting out of hand…. even Oprah enjoyed Twitter as well. Now that this Twitter craze has gotten to the celebrities, it brings even more people and fans to join so that they can talk to Celebs or so they think they are talking to them. When Kutcher broadcast his victory online, he popped chamapagne and thanked all his followers because without them, it wouldn’t have been possible. Such a silly challenge but then again its Ashton Kutcher, Mr. “Punk’d” himself. Only he would come up with something like that and challenge someone like Ted Turner on CNN. That helps get more people on Twitter and watching CNN more when you think about it. He’s a smarter man than we give him credit that Ashton.
For those of you tha want to see the celebration, go to this site:

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A new edition to the Obama Family...

Today the most interesting news was the arrival of the new family dog in the White House. The dog's name is Bo and he is a Portuguese water dog. The Obama spent several minutes taking their new little addition out on a lively romp over the South Lawn with frequent stops for hearty sniffs at its new surroundings. Even before Barack Obama became president, his daughters had mentioned that they wanted a dog. President Obama promised his little girls just that because of the long months of traveling for the presidential campaign with him. Bo is a pure bred dog because Malia is allergic to dog hair and Portuguese water dogs do not shed, even though President Obama wanted a Mutt instead. That is very interesting fact. Bo's breeder happened to be the breeder of Sen. Ted Kennedy's Portuguese water dogs, and when Kennedy learned the puppy was available,he wanted to give the puppy to the Obamas. "Dog Whisperer" Cesar Millan told the Obamas that Portuguese water dogs are active breeds and will need long walks and will need to understand quickly who is the "pack leader." President Obama established that everyone will take turns in walking the Bo. The real question is where will Bo be sleeping? President Obama said anywhere except his bedroom. "The only concern we have is that apparently, Portuguese water dogs like tomatoes. Michelle's garden is in danger," President Obama told CNN."We don't have tomatoes," the first lady said. "Not yet," Obama reminded.
"He doesn't know how to swim," little 7-year-old Sasha mentioned."Apparently they have to be taught how to swim," the president said. "They have webbed feet. And they herd fish for the fishermen in Portugal. That is what we've heard." The Obama's seem to be well informed of their new dog Bo's special breed. This Portuguese Water Dog is pretty unique and now is going to become the most popular dog in the country.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Will the restrictions to be able to travel to Cuba be lifted?

Ever since President Barack Obama has been elected, one of the things he said he wanted to change was to remove the restrictions for people to be able to travel to Cuba. With Fidel Castro no longer being Cuba's President, there seems to be hopes in changes within Cuba and the United States. There's a state law that was ruled in 2008 towards increasing regulations on agencies selling trips to Cuba which make it harder for people to book flights from South Florida.Michelle R. Bennett, an attorney for the U.S. Justice Department said ''They are unconstitutional and preempted by federal law," when discussing the requirements passed by the legislature last year that increased the amount of bond money and registration fees agencies specializing in trips to Cuba. In the Miami Herald it stated that the state law, which requires the agencies to post up to a $250,000 bond and pay up to $2,500 in registration fees, is at the center of a lawsuit filed in July against the state by more than a dozen local travel agency owners. For now, the Cuban exiles can travel to Cuba once every year and stay as long as they like, a move that overturned a Bush administration policy that allowed visits only once every three years. There has been a mentioning that Obama will be announce the lifting of the remaining restrictions on Cuban family travel and remittances to coincide in next week's Fifth Summit of the Americas in Port of Spain, Trinidad. The problem lies in the fact that if there fewer traveling agencies around to sell the trips. State Representative David Rivera has begun pressing the issue of traveling to Cuba. He has introduced a clause to the state's education budget that prohibits the use of state funds for academic trips to the island. Hopefully there will be a solution to this problem with travelling to Cuba for all those Cuban Americans or Cubans with loved ones that they haven't seen in years. There should be some compassion for those that are affected under this restriction.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

12 year old boy genius attends FIU as a Freshman

Sky Choi, a 12 year old from Pembroke Pines, is a sixth grader who is also attending Florida International University. Choi is doing dual enrollment and taking classes such as Physics, Calculus, and Intermediate Conversations. It's incredible for a teenager to be able to handle such a hectic schedule. Choi told CBS4 when asked if he had any friends, " Most of my friends are at FIU." Sky Choi entered high school at the age of 9 and will be graduating in May. Today, Thursday April 9, Choi has his Chinese conversation classes with several other students that are all older than him. But for Choi it doesn't seem so difficult. At the tender age of three, Choi was speaking and reading both English and Korean. Now, Choi can add Latin and Chinese to his list of languages." You can ask, I'm quite strict with my standards, and I do not let anyone off the hook" said his Chinese Professor, Li Ma, who acknowledges that Choi is just a kid but knows what he is capable of. The boy genius at FIU has scored a 99% of the population on the IQ and Achievement tests. Sky Choi has a thirst for knowledge that is unstoppable and at this rate, he can only excel to greater things. When he grows up Choi would like to be a Physician or Teacher.

It is interesting to see that there is such an intellegent child attending a Univeristy such as FIU, what a honor.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Miami landmark is in trouble and is asking for a bailout!

In the Miami Herald today, there is an article about the Miami Children Museum asking for a bailout from the city of Miami. They are asking for a 400,000 dollar loan in order to take care of loan obligations. There have been regular donors that have cut back support to the museum and that hurts the museum because they are a non-profit organization and have been open since September of 2003. City officials are saying that they may rescue the museum with funds from the federal stimulus bill championed by President Obama. But will President Obama help save the Musuem because there is also Jungle Island, who are neighbors of the Museum on Watson Island, asking for a bailout as well. The difference is that Jungle Island is a profitted organization and they do not have a charter school to maintain like the Miami Children's Museum does. The Herald said that Kelly Penton, a spokeswoman for the city of Miami, wrote in an e-mail that the city ''is looking into the possibility'' of using stimulus dollars to help the museum. Even though people are still going to the museum and doing filedtrips and parties, the donations that the museum use to get has decreased to 40 percent. If a landmark such as the Miami Children's Musuem closes, where will the children go to learn and have fun? It's going to be up to the city of Miami and President Barack Obama to decide if the museum is a place worth saving. I, for one, can say have being a visitor, volunteer, and former employee that the Miami Children's Museum is a educational and fun place that every child and adult in South Florida should visit. It's a place where everyone can be a kid again and learn something new as well. Hopefully the institution gets saved with the bailout.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Think of the worst thing that can go wrong when proposing....

Well to Don Walling the worst thing that you could think of to go wrong during a proposal happened. It's a headling story today: Don Walling was on the Brooklyn Bridge with his girlfriend and had arranged to propose to her in front of his family and friends. Just as he was about to open the box while he was on one knee, the ring falls through a crack on the bridge! UNBELIEVEABLE! Walling claims that it flew out the box and through a crack on the wooden planks on the bridge down to the bridge's roadway during on going traffic. He went down and was able to get the ring without getting hurt. Unfortunately, the ring was bent due to the fall. But the diamonds were still intact luckily. Don Walling's girlfriend Gina Pellicani the second time around for the proposal said " I DO" and then she was no longer his girlfriend, she was his fiance. They said they will fix the ring but thanks to the help of his friends and family, Walling was able to find the ring and nothave to buy another one. Poor guy, he had it all planned out and never expected something like that to happen to him during such an important and special moment like that.

to see a clip and read the article, click here :

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Obama reaching out to all types of media....

On Tuesday night, March 24, President Obama gave a news conference that was televised across the country. This conference was a little different than the past conferences because he skipped over several prominent newspapers and newsmagazines to call on Kevin Chappell, a senior editor at Ebony magazine. Besides the conference he also invited Black Enterprise magazine for their first print interview and gave a black talk show host one of his first radio interviews. This month, he invited 50 black newspaper publishers to meet with him at the White House. That was the first time an Ebony reporter had been invited to question a president at a prime-time news conference. This shows that President Obama is trying to reach out to all types of media. By reaching out to Journalists of the black and Hispanic media, President Obama will have even more people celebrating him and not discriminating him by saying he’s only choosing to speak to general media. When he goes on Hispanic news channels like Univision and demonstrates his Spanish-speaking skills that make him stand out to those Hispanics that votes for him and shows the one that didn’t that he can relate to them as well even if he’s not Hispanic. By doing this, Black Entertainment Television, Essence, Ebony, are having journalists do presidential coverage’s per show or issue which shows their support to our President Obama.